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10 Canadian health and fitness blogs that will inspire you to get in shape

Whether you’re trying to get healthy or work on your fitness, you probably know by now that change is nearly impossible when you go it alone. If you don’t have a support system or a workout buddy in your neck of woods, these inspirational and informative blogs can help to keep you on track. Here are our 10 favourite Canadian health and fitness blogs that lead the pack:

1. Canadian Fit Dad

Testosterone production
Image: Canadian Fit Dad

Formerly Your Inner Skinny, Scott has now become a dad (and also a gym owner) who continues to track his weight loss journey, combined with the challenges of new fatherhood. Scott grew up in a very small community on a small island on the East Coast of Canada. He had an active childhood, playing hockey, baseball, golf and rugby all at the competitive level — and many other sports recreationally. His story changed when he went to college and stopped playing sports. His previously healthy lifestyle took a turn and he found himself overweight and out of shape. He started his blog because he wasn’t happy with the information he found online when researching how to lose weight. He has lost over 100 pounds and loves to share what he’s learned, along with his helpful insight as a first-time dad.

2. Donloree

Donloree blog
Image: Donloree

Donloree is a self-described foodie, fitness adventure seeker, leadership coach, former fat girl, motivational speaker and early morning and weekend warrior who is most likely to be found attempting to throw 100 pounds over her head at 6:00 a.m., trying to keep a 5:35 km pace for 21.1 kms or trying some new sport which may result in a hilarious, near death adventure. For years, she had a corporate career that left her feeling that she wasn’t really living her life’s purpose. After admitting this to herself, she decided to find out who she was. She became certified in coaching by the John Maxwell Leadership Team and The Coaches Institute and also holds her personal training certification.

Donloree says of her blog’s purpose, “Life is an adventure… live it! Your job is to be amazing, now go do it.” Her inspirational posts will make you see your daily workout — and your life — in a whole new light.

3. Fat and Not Afraid

Working mom
Image: Fat and Not Afraid

Jennifer is the blogger at Fat and Not Afraid, and describes herself as a proud Canadian, loving mom and caring wife. Together, she and her husband have a beautiful 9-year-old boy named Gabriel and a darling preschooler named Katherine. Her blog tagline says “Respect and Love are for Every Body” and her posts are open and honest about everything weight-related. What’s more, her posts about being a working mom trying to balance it all are struggles that any mom can relate to.

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4. Fitness Cheerleader

Simple band workout
Image: Fitness Cheerleader

Janice is the proud Canadian mother of three little girls who likes to encourage others to eat healthfully and exercise regularly. She lost 25 pounds of pregnancy “baby weight” last year and is now working on maintaining that weight loss through healthy eating and regular exercise. She calls herself the Fitness Cheerleader because she loves to encourage people. She holds a degree in Kinesiology and a Certificate in Athletic Therapy so she knows her stuff. Her blog isn’t so much about weight loss but about being healthy and active. We loved her honesty in this post about accepting your body and not looking like a Barbie doll — and her easy exercise band workout is killer too.

5. Fitness Test Drive

Fitness product test drive
Image: Fitness Test Drive

Amanda is into reviewing all kinds of cool fitness stuff like DVDs, books, gadgets and gear. She writes from her home in Vancouver. What makes Amanda’s reviews different is that she has researched, reviewed and written about fitness products for lots of magazines, including Health, Today’s Parent, Shape and Prevention. She’s also a certified fitness professional and has worked in the fitness industry for 16 years. Her main goal on the blog is to give honest and balanced reviews on products. Amanda’s latest fitness test drive explains how to use The Beam to relieve muscle tension and back pain.

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