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Get a handle on your cravings

If you find you cave in to your cravings, here’s some advice on how to get control over them so you can maintain a healthy eating plan.

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If you find you’re feeling sluggish (for many people, this strikes around mid-afternoon) and have an uncontrollable craving for something sugary and fatty, keep on reading to learn how to cut this cycle and control your cravings so you don’t ruin your diet.

Eat small meals every two hours or so

Rather than three square meals, eating smaller meals more often will help keep your metabolism steadier. If you think of your body as a vehicle that needs fuel, fuelling up on a regular basis will have you chugging along steadily rather than running so low that your energy wanes and your tank cries out for more gas.

Make sure you’re eating enough protein

Protein provides more satiety than carbs or fat do, which is to say you feel more full when you consume protein. So ensure your snacks and meals contain protein, and you’ll never get to that ravenous state where you eat anything you set your eyes on.

Set a realistic goal to break your cravings cycle

Rather than ban all carbs from your diet forever — which will seem impossible and make you more likely to cheat (or even binge) — establish feasible goals. For example, allow yourself healthy carbs, and set a time period that doesn’t seem impossible to commit to (perhaps a two-week time period). This way you won’t have your sights on a goal that is looming so far in the future, it diminishes your resolve.

Allow yourself your favourite guilty pleasures in moderation

Forbid yourself of a food you simply adore, and you may just develop an even stronger craving for it, not to mention become bitter and angry about the state of deprivation you feel you are in. Instead, allow yourself a bite or two of chocolate rather than eat a whole candy bar. You’ll savour your treat even more, and you won’t have that sad feeling of deprivation.

Don’t beat yourself up

There will be times you may scarf down that entire bag of potato chips when you intended to have just a few. But don’t use this slip-up as an excuse to give up entirely on your healthy eating goals. Accept your mistake, then get back on track.

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