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The bucket list

The concept of creating a bucket list is well known. At its most basic, it’s a list of accomplishments to achieve before death (also known as kicking the bucket). But the results of making such a list are anything but basic. Read on to find out more.

Woman making her bucket list

While every person has their own ideas when creating their personal bucket list, there are often similarities. A bucket list generally includes health and fitness goals, world adventures, personal growth and professional achievements. Every person’s list will be unique, with their own individual interests and desires. It should never be about “keeping up with the Joneses” or a competition to outdo someone else, but simply be about personal fulfillment and development in your journey through life. So why should you make such a list? Here are a few more reasons.

Goal setting

Who doesn’t have a mile-long to-do list milling about their head? Even if it’s not a mile long, almost everyone will have a few things they would love to do, see or accomplish in their lifetime. Writing a bucket list will encourage an individual to turn their dreams into specific goals — goals to plan and set out to achieve. In addition, the simple act of documenting these goals will help a person feel accountable for them and further encourage a person to take the necessary steps required to reach them.

Allows for clear focus

A bucket list is a reflection of the person who wrote it, and as such, can be used as a tool to help an individual gain focus and prioritize what is important in their life. What’s on your list? To complete a marathon? Go on a photo safari in Africa? Find a rewarding job? Regardless of what’s on your list, it will allow you to see your life clearly and recognize what is a driving force in your happiness.

Encourages research, creative thinking and imagination

Writing up the ultimate to-do list encourages thinking outside the box. While a broad-based goal could be to travel to Europe, as that bucket list goal gets more specific, the planning becomes more creative and imaginative. The trip to Europe could be broken down to visiting Italy, then more specific to touring Tuscany, further broken down to seeing Lajatico and finally to attending Andrea Bocelli’s once-a-year performance at the Teatro del Silenzio. A specific bucket list item such as that takes planning and creative thought processes to come to fruition.

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