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Be a good friend

You know what you appreciate in your friends, but are you being a good friend in return? Check this list of good-friend qualities to make sure you’re in check.

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There are certain traits that make one a great friend to have. Sometimes we take these characteristics for granted — they’re just aspects we appreciate but perhaps don’t take the time to understand they are why a certain girlfriend is so special to us. Here are some of the qualities we love about our best friends that we hope we give right back to our dearest pals.

A good friend will listen

A good friend will take the time to really listen to you, even if you can’t stop talking about your ex-boyfriend. In fact, they’ll not only listen to you talk, but they’ll notice what you don’t say. Perhaps you’ve had a bad day and aren’t your usual jokey self. They’ll take note of this and take the time to find out what’s going on.

A good friend will know what you need

A good friend can gauge what you need, since they know you so well. So while they’ve listened to you yammer on about your ex (see above), they know you well enough and are comfortable enough to tell you enough is enough and that you need to move on. They’ll give you advice when you need it, but sometimes you just need a sounding board — someone to bounce ideas off — and a friend will know when that is the case. They’ll also know when to pipe up and play devil’s advocate when it’s for your own good.

A good friend will be there through thick and thin

Fair-weather friends are gone during tough times faster than a celebrity annulment. Good friends will be there in good times and bad, pitching in and lending a hand when you need that extra support.

A good friend will celebrate your success

There’s no envy in a good friendship. You fully feel joy and toast your friend’s good fortune and success. There’s no time for jealousy or being petty. They feel as happy for you for your achievements as though they were their own.

A good friend will show you they care with small gestures

A good friend may throw you a great party for your birthday, but they’ll also do small things that show you they care, whether it’s sending you a card just because or leaving you a voice mail when they saw your tweet about having a bad day.

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