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The benefits of taking a self-defence course

Every person has a right to feel safe. But depending on your situation or life experiences, you may not always feel you are in control of your own safety. If that’s the case, taking a self-defence course may be a good idea. Read on to learn more about what such a course entails and how it can help you in your day-to-day life.

Self-defense boxing class

Meet new people

Taking any course you are interested in is a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded people. Meeting people at a self-defence class is additionally helpful because you may encounter women with similar experiences or fears as you that have brought them to take such a course. Creating a safe space in which you all learn how to defend yourselves is a wonderful bonding experience for everyone involved. Establishing a sense of community in this way can help you feel more comfortable with both yourself and the world around you.

Learn a new skill

Learning new skills is a key component of a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is important to challenge yourself and to learn from successes and difficulties — and self-defence is certainly a skill worth having!

Find out how to keep yourself safe

Many people assume self-defence is only about learning how to fight. Although learning how to get away from an attacker may be a part of the class, self-defence classes also focus on how to use your head and your instincts to get yourself as far away from danger as possible.

Boost your self-confidence

Taking a self-defence course is a great way to learn how to improve your ability to protect yourself in a worst-case scenario. Although you obviously don’t want to be looking for a fight, having the skills to defend yourself when in danger can be a positive boost to your self-confidence.

Learn to take control

In a self-defence course, you learn to take control of your body, your mind and the situation. Though knowing self-defence will come in handy in dangerous situations, it also teaches you skills that can be useful in many everyday scenarios. The ability to take control of your body and your mind is an incredibly valuable tool to have. You may not be able to control the world around you, but you can prepare yourself for it as best you can and keep your wits about you even in stressful situations. Empowering yourself through a self-defence course can help you feel empowered in other areas of your life, and that’s an unbelievably valuable ability!

Pick the right course

Many course options are available, so look around and pick one that seems right for you. Many YMCAs, gyms and health clubs offer courses with qualified instructors. When it comes to protecting yourself, you certainly don’t want to learn the wrong thing. So check out the Canadian Association for Self Defence for more information.

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