Ways to bring fun back into your relationship

It’s only natural that after a certain amount of time, a couple settles into a routine, and a certain amount of playfulness disappears from the relationship. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We share some ways you can bring the fun back into your relationship.

Laughing couple

Try something new

We all feel a little silly when we try something that is totally foreign to us. Trying something new together can help you both stop taking yourselves so seriously and allow you to be open to feeling like a fool again. Take a wall climbing course, teach yourselves a new card game or cook something you have no idea how to create. Try to select something that is totally out of both your elements so you can enjoy the process of laughing and learning together.

Recreate an old experience

Think back to how playful you were with each other when your relationship first started. Are you longing to feel that silly side again? If so, take a day to recreate a special moment you once shared. Perhaps it was the first time you both had a certain kind of food or went to a special location. Attempt to recreate that day, and reminisce about the experience. Doing so can be a great opportunity for you to bring that light teasing and flirtation you once shared back into the relationship.

Tease with love

Although mean-spirited teasing is unenjoyable, gentle, playful teasing can be very good for a relationship. Joking about past silliness or calling each other by cute nicknames can be a great way to incorporate more playfulness into your lives. Be honest with each other if any of the teasing gets to be too much, and stay away from topics you know will upset each other. But other than that, be silly and have fun!

Take a break from the usual

If you find you’ve fallen into a tedious routine that is boring you to tears, it’s time to take a break from the usual. Find a weekend you are both free, and get away from it all. If you have kids, ask your parents or a close friend to take them for a few days so you and your partner can enjoy some alone time. Take a road trip together, or spend a night at a local bed and breakfast. Creating a new space for yourselves may help you find humour and lightness in new ways and have you joking around in no time.

Find more opportunities to laugh

What makes both of you laugh? Is it stand-up comics? Humorous movies? Telling silly jokes? YouTube videos of animals doing cute things? Whatever it is that tickles your funny bones, do more of it! Laughing together is good for you and great for strengthening your relationship, so incorporate more of it into your daily lives.

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