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Summer romance

What is it about summer and love that go hand in hand? Maybe it’s the steamy weather. Or perhaps it’s that everyone socializes much more in the summertime. Whatever it is, summer’s a prime season to enjoy a fun fling with a crush. Here are the benefits of a summer romance.

Summer romance

Maybe it’s the hot, steamy weather, but summer always gets us in the mood for romance. And if you’re not looking for a serious relationship, a summer romance may be just what you need. The benefits of this type of fling are numerous. Here are some ways you can gain from this whirlwind relationship.

You have someone to do fun summer things with

Outdoor concerts, food fests, drive-in movies, days at the beach — all these summer outings are more fun with a partner than solo, and a summer romance provides you with a partner in crime. This is especially helpful if most of your friends are partnered up and you’re lacking in the single friends department.

You can be carefree

As long as you both are clear that the relationship is not meant to be long-term, you get to enjoy the relationship in a more carefree, almost frivolous way than you would if you were in a relationship you wanted to last. If he has habits you’re not crazy about, not to worry; it’s not as if he’s your partner for life. And you don’t have to concern yourself with serious issues, such as money or kids — or even make the effort to meet each other’s families.

A summer romance is a great confidence booster

He’s obviously attracted to you and thinks of you as someone he likes to spend time with, and isn’t this always a boost to one’s ego? After all, it’s nice to be reminded that we are attractive and fun and have an engaging personality other people enjoy being around.

The relationship has “benefits”

Your summer romance provides the “benefits” of a friend with benefits. You have carnal urges, and now someone to help fulfill them. Take a cue from Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the movie Friends with Benefits. Just omit the part where they fall in love; summer romance is all about being noncommittal, remember?

You can become better at dating

Even though your summer romance isn’t meant to last forever, being with someone in such a casual way can help you discover things about yourself for when you are ready to date in a more committed way — from what you want in a serious relationship to improving your flirting skills.

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