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Find the right running route for you

The running route you take can help or hinder you a great deal when it comes to your fitness progress. A route you don’t enjoy on a daily basis can leave you feeling frustrated and uninspired. That’s why we share some tips on how to find the right running route for you.

Woman running the city

For people-watching

If you find time passes more easily when you have a chance to check out what other people are up to, or if you simply like to feel surrounded by other human beings, running down city streets is for you. Steer clear of major roads that will have you ducking and dodging around people, as that can get frustrating very quickly. If a road has two to three lanes on either side, chances are the pedestrian traffic will be too much. Look for roads that are a touch smaller than that, and you will likely find the perfect amount of people-watching without being overcome by slow walkers and other obstacles.

For serenity

If you prefer to sink into your own world and forget all about the stresses of life, a calm trail is what you are looking for. Fortunately trails are more common than you think. Check out your city or town’s website to find out what trails are available to you. Consider running with a buddy the first few times just to make sure you don’t get lost among the trees. It is also wise to run with a phone or to let someone know when you’ll be heading off the streets, just to be safe.

For welcome distractions

If you enjoy being inspired by what you see around you and then letting your mind wander from that, residential streets are your best friend. Looking at pretty houses, people coming and going and the occasional park with children playing make for great distractions while you jog. Seeing a home you would love to redesign or a flower you’ve never come across before can be just what you need to take your mind off your tired legs and to get your imagination flowing.

Ask around

It may seem like your neighbourhood has no place desirable to run, but often more options are available than you realize. Stop by your local gym or running store, and ask the staff if they have any recommendations. Or search for a route near you on the Running Room website. Whatever you do, don’t give up! Millions of potential routes are out there, and if you keep experimenting, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you!

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