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4 Foods that make you hungrier

It’s a common belief that all calories are created equal. Although that may be true from a scientific standpoint, it’s also true that not all foods are created equal. And that means weight loss is not as simple as “calories in versus calories out.” Some foods are lacking in body-strengthening nutrients, and that can actually cause you to get hungrier faster and to ultimately eat more. Read on to discover which foods simply aren’t worth your time.

Drinking soda

Diet pop

Though diet pop may technically be calorie-free, CBS News reported on a recent study that indicates artificial sweeteners such as aspartame may trigger appetite. Because diet soda provides no actual food value, there is nothing to satisfy that appetite, and you may find yourself experiencing hunger. The obesity researcher, Sharon Fowler, stated that sweeteners may also inhibit the brain cells that signal fullness. If this is the case, drinking a Diet Coke or Sprite Zero to quiet your appetite may in fact have the opposite effect. Instead of reaching for a pop, grab some water or herbal tea instead. Or if you really need that fizz fix, try carbonated water with a couple of berries or a squeeze of lemon for some flavour.

Low-fat items

CityTV News reports that the American Dietetic Association lists light yogourt and low-fat salad dressing among the foods that won’t help your diet along. The news website also reports that snacks get your appetite going, and these low-fat foods don’t have the balance necessary to help you feel full. So having that snack may actually cause you to feel hungrier. Instead, reach for some tuna or a small handful of almonds the next time you’re feeling peckish.


According to ScienceDaily, studies have shown that fructose — a form of sugar often found in candy and other sweets — can elevate triglyceride levels in the body, and these elevated levels impair the transport of leptin across the blood-brain barrier. When leptin does not reach the brain, the brain won’t send out signals to your body that you are full and should stop eating. This may be one reason you can eat an entire bag of candy without noticing and not feel full at all. Because your body doesn’t feel satisfied, you will likely turn to other foods to fill you up, and you can easily wind up eating more than your body requires. Researchers advise checking packages to see how much sugar is present.

Refined carbs

According to Well + Good NYC, the refined carbs in pasta and white bread can lead to something called “fullness resistance.” The insulin spike that results from eating these foods can cause blood sugar levels to drop, and this can trigger more hunger. Instead of relying on these nutrient-lacking foods, opt for whole-wheat pasta and multi-grain breads, bagels and rolls instead.

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