It’s a dog’s life: Top health reasons to experience life like Fido

If you have a dog, chances are you know this popular pet possesses a certain joie de vivre! An indomitable spirit of living! Do you want to incorporate that same sense of happiness and fulfillment into your own life? Then look no further than into the mindset of man’s best friend!

Happy woman with her dog

Take a cue from our canine friends, and keep your mind and body healthy with these ideas.

Combat stress — learn to live in the moment

Whether he’s busy chasing squirrels in the park or having lap time cuddles in front the TV, it’s easy to see that a dog is fully present in each moment of his life! Much has been said about living your life in the moment, but how much do you heed that advice? In our busy lives, our mind can often become cluttered with an ongoing to-do list and day-to-day worries. Take a break, and help free yourself from of the negative effects of stress (such as sleep disturbances and anxiety) by living your own life in the moment.

Get in better shape — become passionate about daily exercise

Have you ever seen a healthy dog that doesn’t love a good walk or run? Our canine friends take special delight in exercising their bodies, and as we all know, they appear to be on to something! Not only are sports and other physical pursuits fun ways to spend time, but regular exercise has numerous health benefits. It improves mood, is beneficial to weight management and helps prevent such health issues as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. So look to your dog for inspiration, and bring the joy of exercise to your life.

Catch up on your sleep — take a nap when needed

The amount of sleep a dog has during the day can depend on a number of factors, but one thing is obvious: Dogs love their naps! They take them freely and readily whenever they need to. From a human standpoint, taking a midday nap can boost your mood and refresh your mind. So don’t make an excuse; just keep yourself happy and full of life by participating in one of Fido’s favourite pastimes — the afternoon nap!

Better mental health — embrace a positive spirit and outlook toward life

Take your canine partner’s lead, and adopt a positive outlook. A positive attitude can help reduce stress, boost your immune system and improve your happiness level. Here are some irrefutable traits that help give a dog his positive spirit.

  • A dog refrains from judging a person based on race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
  • Is very forgiving and doesn’t harbour grudges.
  • Is happy and excited by the simple things (for a dog this could mean a car ride or a game of fetch).
  • Is always happy to see his loved ones — even if they’ve been gone only a short time!
  • Gives unconditional love.

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