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DIY pedicure tips

Summer’s barely there strappy sandals make healthy, well-tended to feet a must since they’re in the spotlight. Here’s how to get yours into great shape.

Home pedicure

Our feet take a beating, and if you’ve neglected them because they’ve been covered up all winter, it’s time to get them looking great again, as you’ll soon be baring them in strappy sandals for summer and rubber flip-flops by the pool. Here are the steps for a great DIY pedi and daily foot care that’ll get your feet looking great in no time.

Soak then scrub your feet

After a long, hot day, giving yourself a pedicure can actually be relaxing. Soak your tired soles in a warm, soapy basin of water to soften skin, and then use a foot scrub to exfoliate your feet. If your heels are in bad shape, use a foot file on them. Lastly, rinse your feet well with water, and pat them dry with a towel. Moisturize with a rich foot cream, and let it soak in.

Apply polish

After applying cream, use a cotton pad dipped in acetone to remove any oily residue on your nail beds. (If you skip this step, polish will not adhere well to your toenails.) Then apply a base coat to prevent your toenails from yellowing. Next, two coats of polish, followed by top coat (make sure to allow each coat sufficient time to dry), and your toes are all set for showing off in your new shoes.

Apply cuticle oil on a regular basis

A few times a week, apply a bit of cuticle oil to your toes. The oil works as an instant refresher, making your feet look more well taken care of.

Use a foot file in the shower

If you don’t have time to give yourself a pedicure at home, one step you can do quickly in the shower on a regular basis is to give your heels a quick buff with a foot file. This will help to gently remove the rough, dead skin responsible for dry, cracked heels. The warmth and moisture of your shower will soften skin by the time you finish showering, so you’ll be all set to use the file.

Moisturize your feet overnight

If you have a problem with dry, cracked skin on your feet, consider applying your foot lotion at bedtime and wearing cotton socks to sleep to help keep the lotion on your feet so it is well absorbed.

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