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How to strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend

If you and your partner always seem to be at each other’s throats lately, it’s time to put in some work on making your relationship stronger.

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If your relationship has felt strained lately, there’s no better time than now to start rebuilding your relationship bond. Here are some essential steps when it comes to strengthening your partnership.

Schedule time to work on improving your relationship

Too many couples just stumble along with no plan in place if things are not going well in their relationship. If you continue along as you are, nothing will get better. Regardless of both your busy schedules, make time in your calendars when you can both commit to making your relationship better.

Relearn how to communicate nicely with each other

When couples are together for a while, each person can get lazy and stop making the effort to be courteous and nice to the other. You start to take each other for granted and speak to each other in ways you’d never speak with anyone else — no niceties, just a harshness to your tone and choice of words. Make efforts to speak to each other with respect and care once again.

Pay attention to your appearance

In the same way couples can get lazy about speaking to each other nicely, the same goes with our appearance. You may have worked out all the time when you were single, but maybe you’ve let yourself go a bit since then. Or maybe you now wear grungy clothing around him at home — something you’d never dreamed of letting him see when you first started dating him. Put some effort into your looks, from your makeup, hair and clothes for a night out, to even just what you wear around him day to day at home.

Schedule date nights

When both people in a relationship get caught up with work and other commitments, it is common for them as a couple to go for long stretches at a time without dressing up to go out and enjoy quality time alone together. Try to commit to monthly dates so you can reconnect and then deepen that connection each time.

Leave the past in the past

When our relationship is a bit rocky, our natural tendency is to look for who’s to blame for each issue the relationship has. But it doesn’t matter who did what to cause the issue in the first place. What’s important is how you can work together to resolve it.

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