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4 Ways to move on after a breakup

After you’ve had some time to mourn the end of your relationship and feel ready to move on, these steps will help get you there.

Lonely woman after breakup

It can take time to get over breaking up. Whether you were dumped or the one who chose to end it, you need time to accept what’s happened and mourn the loss of this relationship. Once you’ve had that time, though, you can get back to your life (and maybe even date someone new) with these strategies.

Accept and learn from the breakup

It may be hard to do initially, but try to see the breakup in a positive light. At the very least, take it as an opportunity to learn what you don’t want in a relationship and what you’ve discovered you need from your partner.

Reconnect with yourself

Often when in a relationship, you and your partner identify yourselves as a couple, and you lose a bit of you as an individual. So some quality time with you — getting to know yourself and how amazing you are — is crucial. Take that class in photography you never had time for when you were dating him, or go visit that city that’s been on your wish list and that he never wanted to travel to.

Visualize your great new life post-breakup

Once all the tears have dried and you have accepted your breakup and see why things didn’t work, it’s time to start thinking of the new life ahead of you. Think of the active social life you can take part in now, of yourself laughing with your girlfriends and perhaps even of yourself on the arm of a dashing new crush. There are so many opportunities that lie in wait for you.

Get out there

Once you’ve visualized your life, get out there and follow through. You don’t necessarily have to start dating again if you’re not ready to, but see friends and family, and be out in the world, meeting and talking to new people. Enjoy this time, and don’t rush into anything. Just being social can be an ego boost right now when you may need it (what with people enjoying your company and laughing at your jokes), and before you know it, you may find a new — and better — relationship.

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