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Preventing yeast infections

Adopt these strategies, and you may find you never develop a yeast infection ever again. Best of all, these steps are incredibly simple to incorporate into your life.

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Yeast infections occur when there is excess growth of the fungi found in the vagina. The symptoms can be annoying, if not downright painful: itchiness, redness, burning and irritation of the area and a thick discharge. Most women experience this type of infection at least once in their life, and some unlucky women experience them regularly.

On the bright side, there are ways to help prevent developing a yeast infection. Follow these simple strategies, and you’re likely to avoid coming down with one.

Wear cotton underwear

If you must, don nylon, Lycra and other synthetic fabrics for special occasions and only for brief periods of time, but day-to-day, stick to cotton underwear. Cotton is best because it allows your skin to breathe, whereas fabrics such as nylon will trap moisture in that area, which can lead to a yeast infection.

Skip douching

Bathing with soap and water is enough to keep the vaginal area clean. Avoid using powders and other products with lots of fragrance in that area, as they may irritate this sensitive spot. Douches (which wash out your vagina) are also a no-no. They actually flush out the natural protective moisture of your private parts, making you more prone to an infection.

Wipe front to back

How do you wipe after going to the washroom? If you wipe back to front, you’ll have to change your ways. This is because yeast is always present in your intestinal tract, and when you wipe back to front, you could be inadvertently moving yeast toward the vaginal area. When you wipe front to back, the chances of keeping the vaginal area free of yeast are better.

Be aware of transferring organisms during sexual encounters

In the throes of passion, you may not be thinking of how your actions may be transferring yeast from one area of your body to another, but it’s smart to keep this in mind, as you can easily be passing things from other areas to your vaginal area.

Eat foods that help prevent yeast infections

Yogourt can help promote the good bacteria in your gut, so a diet that includes this dairy snack is a healthy way to get your calcium and ward off infections. Also, taking garlic supplements may be of benefit, as garlic contains an anti-fungal compound, which will help battle the yeast behind vaginal yeast infections.

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