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Travel comfortably during that time of the month

Summer brings beautiful, hot weather as well as many travel plans. Whether you’re planning to trek across Europe, going south to be a beach goddess or taking a weekend trip out of town, travelling when you’re on your period is no fun. Don’t fret! Besides keeping pads or tampons on hand, below are ways to make travelling while on your period more comfortable.

Woman boarding an airplane

Dress comfortably

If you’re going to be on a plane for hours or walking around the city you’re visiting, be sure to wear clothes you’ll feel comfortable in, like sweatpants and a long T-shirt or tank top. If you’re worried about leakage or not having access to a bathroom for a while, opt for darker pants or shorts over light ones.

Pack snacks you like

To avoid some of the over-salty chips or nuts that flights offer you, pack a healthy snack you enjoy and that you know won’t bloat you. If you usually have certain cravings during your period, pack some of those snacks, as you may not have many options during your trip. Be sure to avoid salt and too much sugar, as they worsen PMS symptoms.

Distract yourself

Do something you enjoy to help you forget Mother Nature. Bring a book, your favourite magazines or music, or watch movies to keep your mind off your period.

Keep painkillers on hand

If you’re prone to cramps or headaches during your period, be sure to keep painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen with you. Some over-the-counter painkillers are especially made for women on their periods, so you might want to consider those as well.

Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water and making sure you’re well hydrated is one of your best defences against PMS symptoms. If you’re visiting an exotic country, be sure to buy bottled water instead of drinking water from the tap. While on the plane, opt for water over caffeinated drinks, as caffeine may make PMS symptoms worse.

Pack an extra pair of underwear and pants

While on the plane, train or bus, be sure to keep an extra pair of underwear and sweatpants in your carry-on luggage just in case you have leakage. If exploring a city on foot, make sure to keep your eye on the time and make frequent washroom stops.

Most important, remember that you’re on vacation! Yes, a period isn’t the most pleasant thing to have while vacationing, but remember that you’re there to enjoy yourself and not stress over something that’s a part of being a woman. Bon voyage!

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