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4 Ways to put yourself first

You will burn out and be an unhappy person if you never put yourself first. Here are some simple ways to make yourself the priority.

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We seem to be hardwired to put everyone else’s needs before our own — sometimes we don’t even make the list ! But continue on the ” give, give, give” path, and you’ll run out of energy, be unhappy, lose your identity and feel completely unfulfilled in life — so much so that you won’t even be able to fully meet the needs of your friends and family. Here are some ways to put yourself first.

Carve out some “me time” every single day

It’s not truly selfish to take a few moments for yourself on a daily basis, as this type of selfishness is healthy and necessary. Your schedule and that of your family’s may be busy, so even if it’s just a few moments for you to read a few pages of that novel sitting on your night stand, grab the opportunity. On days that are less hectic, fit in your favourite yoga class or catch that movie you’ve been dying to see. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged.

Learn to say no (you can do it!)

If your schedule’s overwhelming you and you find yourself regularly regretting committing to certain social functions or tasks, then you’re a yes-woman, and it’s time to learn how to say no. There is only so much one person can manage on her plate. You may have a tough time turning down a request at first, but you’ll get over that hump once you’ve done it a few times, and turning down demands will become easier over time.

Treat your body well

If you’ve let your exercise regimen and your diet slide because you’re too swamped and rushing around to get things done on your to-do list, you’re doing your well-being a major disservice. When you don’t engage in regular physical activity or fuel your body with a balanced diet, you don’t function optimally in your chaotic, demanding life. Feed your body well and keep it moving, and you’ll relieve stress and have more energy.

Enjoy some silence and calm

Step out onto the porch or go for a quick stroll alone after supper to let your mind take in the calm, as it can be hard to be at one with your thoughts when you’re constantly surrounded by hustle and bustle. Take some deep breaths, and you’ll feel cleansed as well as a sense of rejuvenation.

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