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5 Cute summer date ideas

Warmer weather not only means higher temperatures, but the potential for more sparks to fly. Bond with your partner: Put on a cute summer outfit, and check out these date ideas to enjoy some summer lovin’!

Picnic date

Pack a picnic

This is one of the most simple, cheap and romantic ways to enjoy the weather with your partner. Pack up some sandwiches, snacks and a blanket, and find a beautiful green area to lounge together in the summer warmth. For extra romance, bring an MP3 player and portable speakers to listen to music in the outdoors. If it’s too early for cocktails, include sparkling cider and two wineglasses or Champagne flutes to add to the romantic ambience.

Take a day trip

Driving with the windows down and the music blaring is a fun way to enjoy the weather with your guy. Take a day trip to somewhere you’ve both wanted to go. Whether it’s an amusement park, a hiking trail or simply a long drive to a city you’ve been curious to check out, time in the car and exploring a new place together are great ways to bond this summer.

Go to a drive-in

For a cute date from back in the day, check out your local drive-in theatres. Put on some mosquito repellent, open the car windows, recline those seats and enjoy the movie in the warm summer breeze. To create even more sparks, choose to see a romantic comedy.

Throw a BBQ

For a relaxing, stress-free way to enjoy the heat, invite some of your friends for a BBQ. You can provide the burgers and hot dogs, and ask everyone to bring a snack and drinks. This easy-going environment is a fun way to bond with your partner in the summer heat.

Have a beach day

Check out the nearest beach or water park. Wear your cute swimsuit, and help each other put on sunscreen. Get physical and play Frisbee in the water or one-on-one volleyball on the sand to get both your hearts racing.

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