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Dealing with rejection

We all experience rejection at one point or another. And it can sometimes be hard to know how to deal with such a challenging experience. Ultimately there is no magic formula for dealing with rejection, but this guide might help you work your way through it.

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Rejection comes in all forms

You may be experiencing rejection based on any number of experiences. Your boss promoting someone else, a friend not inviting you to dinner, a date not calling or your serious boyfriend saying it’s over are all reasons that may cause you to feel rejected.

There is no “right” way to feel

Often when we experience rejection, we end up berating ourselves with negative thoughts. “Why aren’t I over this yet?” or “I don’t have the energy to do anything” are just some of the many things you may say to yourself. But like any other tough experience in life, rejection comes with a wide range of emotions. There is no such thing as how you “should” feel or are “supposed” to handle it. You may feel any number of emotions, and that’s OK. All you can do is acknowledge how you feel and accept those emotions as they are.

Talk to someone

Rejection can leave you feeling frustrated, upset or embarrassed. But rejection is a part of life, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Every one of your family members and friends has felt rejected at some point and will understand what you are going through better than you may realize. Allowing painful emotions to stew inside you will often only make things seem more immense and unmanageable. But if you talk about what you are experiencing with someone you trust, you may find an immediate sense of relief will wash over you. Isolation is never the best way to deal with rejection, as it will only fuel any insecurities the situation has brought up. So when you’re ready, try opening up to someone close to you, and show yourself you aren’t alone.

Find coping mechanisms that work for you

Everyone is different, and each person handles rejection in a unique manner. You may find that drinking a warm cup of tea or taking a long bath helps take your mind off things. Or you may be someone who copes more easily by keeping busy with a new hobby or favourite form of entertainment. Whatever it is, find some means of refocusing your emotions. Immediately after experiencing rejection, it is natural to sit in those emotions. But with time, working to move past the experience is the best thing you can do for your mental well-being. So find those aspects of life that bring you joy, and try to incorporate more of them into your daily routine.

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