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5 Ways to get fit at the beach

Heading to the beach is a great way to spend the fleeting summer months of the year. The warm rays of the sun plus the cool freshness of the water create a perfect scenario for a relaxing summer day. But instead of just chilling out, why not make time for a great workout? Use these ideas to stay in shape while still having fun at the beach.

Woman kayaking

Take out a kayak

Kayaking is a fantastic way to gain a new perspective on life and to de-stress. Removing yourself from land while feeling the sun and fresh air on your body will undoubtedly help create feelings of peace while removing the negative feelings of stress. Not only is this an enjoyable way to be outside, kayaking is an amazing way to build up your shoulders, arms and ab muscles. And if you’re looking for an extreme calorie burner, then consider that fast kayaking can potentially burn about 400 calories per hour! Goodbye ice cream cone, and hello fitness!

Go for a jog

The built-in resistance of the sand when walking, jogging or running equates to more calories spent and a better muscle and cardio workout. Take a brisk walk, a jog, do interval running or whatever suits you the best. Not only will you burn more calories, but the softer texture of the sand allows for a lower-impact workout without so much stress put on the body, and it’s also a productive way to check out the rest of the beach!

Play beach volleyball

This is a beach classic! Whether it’s played beach volleyball-style in partners of two, in a standard court setting of six per team or a modified version somewhere in between, this is an efficient way to exercise at the beach. Due to the unstable surface of the sand (sand-resistance factor) and the various movements you’ll need to make, you’ll get a great overall workout and still have a fun — and social — beach day!

Head for a swim

Sure, it’s fun to frolic and stay cool in the water, but how about actually taking a swim? Swimming can be a total body workout — including cardio — that allows you an escape from the scorching rays of the sun! Any waves or turbulent waters will add additional resistance and allow you to burn more calories while at the same time help build stronger muscles. Err to the side of caution and swim in a parallel line to the coast versus venturing into unknown waters away from the shore.

Have a game of Frisbee

Want to work your lower body, abs, arms and get in a great stretching workout all at the same time? Then grab a partner or two, and play some Frisbee! Frisbee can be played anywhere: on the sand, on a grassy park nearby or even in the water, and all it takes is a partner and a flying disc! So take a break from sunbathing, and play a game for fun and for your health!

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