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Are you the reason you’re not meeting anyone?

Haven’t met a guy you want to date in a while (or simply haven’t met anyone at all)? You may not realize it, but you yourself could be to blame for hurting your chances of meeting someone.

Lonely woman without a date

Some women seem to have no problem meeting guys. They go on dates regularly, while you never seem to meet anyone, or when you do, they’re never your type. It can be hard to recognize faults in our own behaviour sometimes and to grasp the things we do that hurt our dating potential. Here are a few ways you may be behind the reason you’re still single.

You have a laundry list of dream guy must-haves

Does he have to be at least six feet tall, drive a fancy car, earn a certain salary and dress a certain way? While we all have a certain type we are more drawn to, it’s best to keep an open mind. Balance your wants in a guy with openness to other characteristics and traits. Think about your wish list: Are the things you want your dream guy to be critical to his values? It’s more important that he values honesty than whether he owns a home, for example. Consider whether your list of musts is a subconscious way of protecting yourself from rejection. It could be a subtle defense mechanism against getting hurt if you’re ruling out all men who don’t have a car. Really, is this such a deal breaker?

You don’t go out

We all need some downtime at home, but if that’s all you ever do, you can hardly expect to meet someone new when you’re parked on your couch 90 per cent of the time. Accept invitations to events and parties; you never know when the opportunity to meet someone may arise. Be open to trying new things to help widen your network.

Your friends don’t know you want to be set up

Some friends may not be comfortable offering to set you up with someone they know, or it may simply not cross their minds. So if you are looking to date and are open to being set up, be sure to let your friends know so they have you top of mind when it comes to their single guy friends. You’ll have greater chances of meeting someone if your friends know you want to, but if you’re wary of this, tell only close friends whose opinions and judgment you trust enough to play matchmaker.

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