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Ways to make your period easier to handle

“That time of the month” isn’t enjoyable for any woman. But there are things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself. Next time your period comes calling, try some of these tactics for a more manageable week.

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Know your stressors

“That time of the month” affects each of us differently. Some women face terrible cramps, others have tough aches and pains, some suffer from bloating, and on the list goes. Identifying which symptoms you experience most frequently will allow you to get a sense of how to deal with them. For instance, if you know you experience a good deal of bloating around the time of your period, you may want to stay away from processed foods for the week. Or if you are prone to negative emotions such as stress and anger before or during your period, consider setting aside a relaxation hour so you can properly unwind. It’s all about focusing on what hits you the most and then working from there to develop the best action plan for your unique needs.

Create your emergency arsenal

When you’re on your period, there are certain items you never want to find yourself without. Put together an emergency kit that travels with you everywhere to ensure you always have everything you require for an easier go of it. Medications that stave off cramps, snacks to help with hunger pangs and a tampon or two are all good items to include. Customize your pouch in whichever way you feel is most helpful. And most important, keep it with you at all times!

Don’t be afraid to talk about it

Sure, periods are a subject that make many men a little uncomfortable, so we aren’t suggesting you shout your news from the rooftops. But letting a girlfriend or even an understanding man know you’re dealing with some extra challenges can often make things seem more manageable. Virtually everyone can understand that being on your period is not the most enjoyable time, and most will be surprisingly willing to help you out. If you’re having a particularly bad day, don’t feel as though you have to suffer in silence. Open up to a friend or co-worker, and you may immediately feel a sense of relief.

Accept it for what it is

Ultimately, learning to deal with your period comes from understanding its purpose and simply being thankful that it comes once a month rather than once a week. When you’re having a particularly rough go of it, remind yourself that it’ll last only a few days, and then you’ll feel like your old self again!

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