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Picking the right exercise equipment for your home

Choosing to build your own home gym is a big investment. And the last thing you want to do is fill it with equipment you find ineffective or uninspiring. Make sure you create a space with the right tools for you by taking a look at this simple guide.

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Cover all your bases

Before you start shopping for home gym equipment, take the time to sit down and ask yourself what you want from your gym. What kind of exercises do you enjoy? What aspects of fitness do you want to target most? Once you have a better understanding of what you want your gym to do for you, you can start planning out what equipment you will need. Generally speaking, you want to have a balance of cardio and strength training. There are several options from which you can achieve the cardio portion. The most common ones are treadmills, bikes or ellipticals, but some lesser-known ones out there have benefits as well. The important thing is that you’re getting your heart rate up; whichever form of exercise that does that for you will likely be the best investment. For strength training, there are many different routes you can take. Some pricier machines offer different exercises for different areas of the body. But if you aren’t ready to make that big of a financial commitment, you can begin by loading up your gym with dumbbells, medicine balls, elastics, kettlebells, stability balls and more. Plenty of options to keep your fitness level up are out there, so have a look around, and see what works for you.

Invest wisely

If you have decided to invest in a home gym, chances are you don’t want to skimp when it comes to those items that matter most. But you also don’t want to feel as though you have been swindled into buying something that is more expensive than it needed to be. As a general rule, pick equipment that falls somewhere in the mid-range — meaning it is neither the least expensive nor the most expensive. Before you set out to find a piece of equipment, ask yourself one simple question: What do I want this item to do for me? Answering this question beforehand will make searching a whole lot easier. If all you want from your treadmill is for it to go faster or slower, then look for the most basic option. But if you want one that will calculate your heart rate and create workout programs for you, you’ll want a different model entirely. Just as you wouldn’t house hunt without knowing how many bedrooms you require, you shouldn’t search for gym equipment without having an idea of what you need. By simply making a list of your requirements, you can ensure you go in knowing exactly what you need and make the best purchase for you.

Research before purchasing

The best thing you can do before you invest in a new machine is research it as much as you can. Once you have visited a couple of stores and gotten a sense of what is available, jot down your options, and do a little digging. The first place you can check is online. Just typing the make or model of a piece of exercise equipment into a search engine will almost certainly generate a series of user reviews. Also consider dropping in to your local gym to ask some of the trainers what pieces they prefer. Creating your home gym is a big investment, and the equipment you choose will be with you for a while, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, and get yourself the best deal possible!

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