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CrossFit: Your next great workout

It’s easy to get comfortable in a repetitive exercise plan. But doing the same thing every day can cause you to get bored and eventually lose motivation. It can also cause you to experience less impressive results. Jump-start your workout routine by giving the intensity of CrossFit a try.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is used by many firefighter teams, law enforcement agencies and military organizations to improve individuals’ physical fitness. Unlike some exercise regimens, that provide you with little real-world capabilities, CrossFit promotes overall fitness and functional movement. The workouts are typically short, so you can go all out in about 20 minutes of intense exercise. The CrossFit website consistently posts “workouts of the day” — or “WODs” — that can be performed at your local gym. The WODs include many types of exercise, such as sprinting, weightlifting, squats, crunches, rowing, medicine balls and more. Each WOD has a method of scoring so you can track your progress and see how your fitness improves over time.

What’s special about it?

CrossFit is unique in that it allows you to get both your cardio and strength training done in one quick workout. The high-intensity program combines techniques from gymnastics, weightlifting and track and field for one incredible sweat session. Plus, because it focuses on overall fitness, it will improve your capabilities when it comes to everything from weight loss to lifting a heavy bag of groceries.

Is it too intense for me?

Not at all! Every activity can be geared to your particular fitness level. You don’t have to start by lifting 65 pounds over your head like the pros do; you can begin at whichever level you are comfortable with and work on improving your speed and strength over time. Both a world-ranked athlete and your grandma can perform the same WOD simultaneously at different paces.

How can I start doing it?

You can check out the CrossFit website for new WODs posted daily. You can do these programs either on your own or look for a gym in your area with registered CrossFit trainers. It is wise to take a class or two with a trainer so you can gain a better understanding of the program and ensure you are doing the exercises properly. A qualified trainer can also let you know the best ways to track your progress moving forward. Take the time to check out a CrossFit class near you, and start reaping the benefits of this intense workout regimen!

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