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8 Tasty ways to get more fibre

Fibre is essential to maintaining a healthy body. According to The Heart and Stroke Foundation, a healthy adult needs 21 to 38 grams of fibre a day. Average Canadians, however, are only getting about 14 grams.

Woman eating popcorn

Our bodies can’t digest fibre — so for all you calorie-obsessed, don’t worry about it packing on any extra cals. However, as it moves through our digestive systems, it promotes health by contributing to healthy blood cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels and promoting regularity.

But fibre doesn’t need to take the form of boring breads and tasteless cereals. Erika Kaufman, R.D., L.D. for The Houstonian Club in Houston gave us eight tasty tips on what to eat to ensure we’re getting the recommended amount of fibre in our daily lives.

Shelled edamame

Edamame are just boiled green soybeans, but munching on half a cup of these green beans will provide you with 5.4 grams of fibre. Use them in salads or just snack on them alone.

Pureed avocado

If babies love it, then we don’t see why adults wouldn’t. Half a cup of pureed avocado will provide you with 6.4 grams of fibre and is around 138 calories.


We all know that an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away, but why not add a pear to your day to help get the recommended amount of fibre? One medium pear will provide you with 5 grams of fibre and is around 90 calories.

Rain branRaisin Bran

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start off the day right by packing in 7 grams of fibre with 1-1/2 cups of Raisin Bran cereal.

Chia seeds

This superfood is packed full of nutrients and has a mild taste, so it can be sprinkled on a salad or added to yogurt. 1 ounce of these seeds will provide you with 10.7 grams of fibre.


With summer just around the corner, these berries will soon be available in abundance. 1 cup of them will provide you with 8 grams of fibre and are around 60 calories.

Homemade popcorn

Forget about the microwavable kind and grab a pot, some oil and kernels to make some on your stovetop. 2-1/2 cups of this stuff will provide you with 4 grams of fibre. Sprinkle some cinnamon or garlic powder for extra flavour.


This crispy, sweet, edible root resembles a turnip in appearance. 1 cup of this legume will provide you with 6 grams of fibre and is only 50 calories. Sprinkle with some lemon or chili powder for extra flavour.

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