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What’s the paleo diet all about?

Why would you want to eat like a cavewoman? Check out what the paleo diet entails, along with a few recipe ideas to help you try it out.

Salmon steak

What is this paleo diet that everyone seems to be on lately? The paleo diet (short for paleolithic diet) is also known as the caveman diet, and the concept is based on eating like our ancestors did in the paleolithic era, with the focus on proteins, fats and fresh fruit and vegetables. What the diet does not include is processed foods many of us consume today, like sugary cookies, breads or anything packaged. On this diet you’ll eat lots of fish, pasture-raised meats, fresh produce and nuts.

Paleo diet breakfast ideas

Include protein in your breakfast; it’ll help make you feel satisfied and full to start off your day. Incorporate vegetables into an egg dish, such as a portobello mushroom, goat cheese and tomato omelette or a scrambled egg with fresh salsa. If you prefer a smoothie, this low-sugar, low-carb orange vanilla protein smoothie will get your morning off to the right start. If you would rather eat a baked good during your commute or when you get to the office, these gluten-free pumpkin corn muffins travel well. You can convert most recipes to fit the paleo diet by baking with almond flour instead of regular flour. Take a few pointers from this article.

Paleo diet lunch ideas

For a lunch you can grab and take to the office, you can easily stick to your usual sandwich or wrap, but replace the bread with lettuce leaves. Try these Hawaiian chicken wraps or this vegetarian avocado and white bean wrap for two new tasty lunch options. Salads also make a fantastic paleo lunch; just remember to include protein so you feel that fullness. This raw beet, goat cheese and walnut salad is sweet, tangy and crunchy — what more could you ask for? And this farm stand chicken salad is sure to make you a salad lover. If you have leftovers, throw them into a lettuce leaf the next day, and enjoy a wrap for lunch.

Paleo diet dinner ideas

For dinner, focus on protein — fish is a great option — with a vegetable side dish. A simple herbed salmon combines the deliciousness of fresh herbs with the subtle flavour of salmon for a savoury, healthy meal. Not a fan of salmon? This pan-poached halibut with porcini, carrots and asparagus includes tons of veggies already, so it saves you from having to prepare a side dish.

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