Summer travel essentials

Summer weather and traveling go hand-in-hand. But just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to abandon your beauty regimen. While you can’t take every product in your medicine cabinet with you, these must-have items will keep your skin and body feeling great while you’re on the road.

packed makeup bag

Going on a vacation is thrilling, but many women face a major conundrum before leaving the house.

Have you ever been ready to zip up your bursting suitcase only to discover you don’t have room for your cosmetic bag? Join the club.

The good news is you don’t have to choose between going makeup-less or paying for an extra suitcase to have all your scrubs, serums and soaps at your disposal. If you make room for the following items, you’ll never feel as if your beauty routine has been compromised and you’ll feel confident, whether you’re lazing on the beach or people-watching in Paris.

What to pack

Moisturizer with SPF

Being on vacation means getting vitamin D the natural way, but beware of how long you’ve been in the sun and protect yourself against harmful UV rays. You’ll need to carry around your sunscreen all day for re-application, so try to buy an oil-free sunscreen that will fit in your purse and is safe for both your body and face.

Powder foundation

Escaping your everyday life means you can take a break from your regular makeup routine. But if the thought of being bare-faced makes you cringe, a light powder foundation provides coverage against shine, oily Tt-zones, blemishes and blotchy spots.

Tinted lip gloss

Bright red lipstick isn’t necessary at the cottage. But we don’t expect you to go bare-lipped, either. A tinted gloss in a deep berry shade will take you from day to night on your trip and if you can find one with SPF, even better.

Dry shampoo

A product that’s convenient whether you’re tight on time or roughing it on a camping trip, dry shampoo gives your oily roots new life without the help of water. There are a variety of products at every price point available, including all-natural.

Facial cleanser

You’ve explored all day and can’t wait to put your feet up. Before falling into bed, scrub the sunscreen and environmental “gunk” off your face. Every woman has her favourite cleanser, but be sure to try a few different brands until you find one that doesn’t dry out your skin after use.


Not a beauty product, but they serve to protect the delicate skin around your eyes that can crease and form crow’s feet. Purchase a pair of shades that complement your style and wear them with pride.

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