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6 Reasons why you should never settle

It’s hard not to settle sometimes. Whether it’s a fear that nothing better will ever come along, or the fact that you are just getting comfortable and don’t have the energy to start all over, never ever settle.

Unhappy couple

You will always compare

If you are settling for someone you are not fully satisfied with, you will never accept them for who they are; you will constantly compare them to better ex-boyfriends or your friends’ boyfriends, which will only damage the relationship more and will not get you what you want. Instead, you will always be reminded of how it can be better or different.

Emotional infidelity

If you settle for someone just because he was there at the right time, you will start noticing other men in your circle and the connections you have with them. When meeting someone new, you might start to bond with them in a I-wish-we-were-together kind of way — or, emotional infidelity.

Routine and comfort-zone

The more you stay, the harder it will be to break out of it and before you know it, you will be in an unhappy, destructive relationship wasting months and perhaps years of your life. The more you get used to someone’s presence and the routine of things, the harder it will become to distance yourself from him, and you will keep settling and disregarding things even more as time goes by.

Things happen when you least expect them to

You might think that X is perfect for you because no one else is in your sight and you just don’t want to be single. Think twice! You meet people in the strangest places and at the most unexpected times in life. Keep that in mind and just live your life without waiting for Mr. Right — he will come along when you least expect him to.

Leading him on

You might be settling and unhappy, but he might really like you and might be truly trying everything he can possibly do to make you happy. Don’t be unfair to him and just be honest from the get go.

Long-run misery

You might think your breakup or your loneliness is making you miserable right now, but being in a relationship with someone you are not really accepting and appreciating will make you more miserable in the long-run.

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