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The benefits of massage therapy

Whether you work long hours behind a desk or your job includes intense physical activity, getting a massage during a spa day is not just a way to treat or spoil yourself — it’s actually great for your health! Even if you don’t have an injury or back problems, there are many benefits to visiting your registered massage therapist from time to time. The following are reasons (not excuses!) for you to go for massage therapy.

It alleviates pain

The most obvious reason to get a massage is if you’ve experienced a back injury, muscle spasms or joint pain. Since tense or tight muscles affect important things like posture, relaxing these tense muscles is always beneficial. Massage therapy can alleviate a tense or sore muscle so that it can function properly.

It improves circulation

Massage movements enable blood to flush in and out of muscles and joints. This process improves circulation in tense or sore areas and can actually speed up recovery time and enhance the healing of the muscles.

It relieves stress

Stress is a huge cause of muscle tightness. Sitting in front of a desk all day or being in a stressful environment can have your shoulders glued to your ears. Alleviating these tense muscles through massage therapy is a great way to prevent a muscle spasm or injury, and allows you to get through your daily activities with less pain and less added stress.

It makes you more aware of your body

Getting a massage can get you in touch with your body. You’ll not only learn what muscles on your back are the most tight, but you’ll also realize the connection between your mind and your body, since, when your mind relaxes, your body also relaxes and vice versa. Furthermore, when you’re relaxed, your breathing is deeper and easier, which encourages an overall feeling of wellness and revitalization.

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