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The importance of your best girlfriends

You’ve grown up and imaginary tea parties with your girlfriends are a thing of the past. Does that mean should leave your girlfriends behind? Absolutely not! Your friends will still be there to offer you support and love regardless of where you are in life!

Friends having coffee

Here are a few reasons your girlfriends are an essential part of your life.

Your cheerleader group

Excited about your new job? Your new apartment? Your engagement to the lucky man in your life? Your girlfriends will be excited as well and will be the best cheerleaders for you! It’s wonderful to know that you can count on someone to be happy and excited when you are.

When you need a shoulder to cry on

A circle of girlfriends will usually offer you an unconditional support system. When times are tough, look no further than to this group to listen and accept your thoughts and feelings. They love you, regardless of the situation, and will always be by your side.

Honesty is the best policy

OK… your boyfriend or husband may be pressured into saying you don’t look fat in that outfit, because they know that saying otherwise might get them the silent treatment for the rest of the day. But what about your girlfriend? She reigns supreme on the honest opinion! Take it or leave it, you can count on your girlfriends for some sound advice, be it on your fashion choices, your next career move or anywhere in between.

Someone to laugh with

As the cliche goes, laughter is the best medicine. One of the best benefits to having a great friend is to have someone to share your no-holds-barred giggle-fest with! Not only is it fun to laugh, it’s one of the best natural stress relievers, so catch up with your besties and laugh out loud.

A shared connection

A friendship develops for many reasons. It may be because of a shared love of fine arts, mountain biking or because of your children, but whatever the common connection is, it’s usually a great starting point for a reciprocal friendship. Having a friend who shares common values or interests allows you to assimilate valuable information, brainstorm ideas and will help you become more well rounded in your expertise of the common topic.

Expand your interests

Have you ever gone spelunking? Eaten shark-fin soup? Taken a figure drawing class ? Raised thousands for your favourite charity? Maybe you haven’t, but it’s possible one of your friends has. Having a diverse group of close girlfriends will help expand your interests. Who knows? It may encourage you to develop a lifelong passion or find a new career path that may have gone undiscovered if not for the interest of your girlfriend. Join them in their next adventure, and see where it will take you!

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