Your high-heel habit could be hurting you

If you’re like Victoria Beckham and wear nothing but high heels, you may want to reconsider your fashion choice, as you could be doing your body permanent damage. Here are some ways to shop for and wear heels while keeping your well-being in mind.

Woman with tired feet

If you’re a fan of high heels and wear nothing but, you could be damaging your feet — along with other parts of your body — as these towering shoes can affect your muscles and your biomechanics.

For example, wearing towering heels often will cause your shin muscles to shorten. If you kick-start an exercise regimen that stretches a shortened shin muscle, you may experience painful shin splints. Doing some toe taps may help to alleviate the pain. Toe taps call for keeping your heel on the ground and tapping your toes up and down, which causes your shin muscles to expand and contract.

You don’t have to resign yourself to flat shoes forever, though. Here are some ways to make your heels habit easier on your body:

Shop for heels in the afternoon

Actually, this tip applies to shopping for any type of shoe. Our feet tend to swell in the second half of the day, so if you shop at this time, you’ll get a better-fitting shoe. If you shop in the morning for shoes, you might find the fit a bit tight and uncomfortable later on.

Shop for heels with a wider toe box

Those super-narrow, pointy heels may be calling your name, but since heels cause your feet to constantly slide down, your toes and the fronts of your feet will be even more squished than if you buy a pair of shoes with a reasonably sized toe box.

Switch your shoes from day to day

Changing the style and heel height of your shoes from day to day will give your soles a break and help maintain the health of your feet and muscles.

Look for shoes with a wider base and some arch support

Wedges will give you more support than skinny stiletto heels will. A pair of flats or summer sandals might not push your toes into the toe box as heels do, but a super-flat sole may also be hurting you, even if it’s not as apparent as when wearing a pair of heels. The arches of your feet need support, so you should avoid wearing super-flat shoes (such as flimsy flip-flops). Check for soles that offer cushioning and support for your arches.

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