Get organized and live a healthier lifestyle

As you ramp up to do your spring cleaning, use this time of renewal to get sorted in all aspects of your life, and you’ll be rewarded with a healthier, balanced life.

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If the spring weather is inspiring you to make a fresh start, use this time to get organized. You’ll find that you can improve your health if you’ve got things in your life in order. Here are some ways being well-organized can lead to healthier living.

You’ll be able to carve out time to exercise

If you’ve been counting on fitting in workouts when you can find the spare time, well, chances are you haven’t worked out very often. When you don’t have that commitment pencilled into your schedule or a running partner who’s meeting you at the park for a run, it’s much easier to let things slide because you’re tired or because you decide to tie up a few loose ends at the office. A well-organized schedule will allow you to better manage your time and ensure you get your exercise, which will give you more energy.

You’ll eat better

When things are running smoothly in your life, you won’t be out of basic groceries, so you won’t have to stop and get takeout. You’ll have more time to prepare wholesome meals, and with time to visit the grocery store to replenish your uncluttered fridge, you can plan ahead for your lunches and dinners.

You’ll feel more relaxed

Doing a major spring cleaning of your place and getting rid of clutter will give your home a more welcoming and relaxing environment. Home is where you should feel like you can kick back and de-stress, not a place where you feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. And with a better handle on your schedule, you won’t feel like you’re running around in a tizzy all the time.

You’ll keep your commitments

With systems in place, bills won’t get lost in the shuffle and go unpaid. Regular checkups with your dentist and doctor won’t fall to the wayside, because you’ll have had time to book them into your calendar.

You’ll have more time to socialize

Blessed with less stress, more energy and more time (see above), you’ll be able to meet up with friends and family to catch up, feeding your need to connect with people and laugh and share.

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