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How to enjoy better kissing

Kissing is one of the most passionate ways to let someone know how much you care without words. Whether be it a first, long awaited for kiss, a passionate kiss, or a goodbye kiss, a kiss ought to be enjoyable and felt. Here are some tips on how to enjoy better kissing.

Couple kissing

Don’t think, period

One of the things that often ruin a kiss is the tension that comes with it. You want it to be perfect without overthinking about how you feel or a fear of rejection. The best kisses are the ones that are heartfelt and true. So, loosen up and just let go. Don’t fret too much and don’t try too hard. Just enjoy the moment.

Don’t plan it

Sometimes we keep thinking about the perfect time for a kiss, but this over-planning can heighten the tension and nervousness and can make the kiss seem rehearsed. You will know when it’s natural and right and all you have to do is to go for it or reciprocate.

Show him the way

If you feel like there is no chemistry or that your partner is not kissing you the way you had imagined, just lead him and control the pace yourself. Sometimes he can just be nervous and sometimes it takes a while for two people to adjust to one another’s kissing style. Remember, each person has a unique way of kissing and you need to find your rhythm.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

When you loosen up and let go you are more likely to try new things. Playing it safe and going for a lip lock the first time is good enough. But, don’t be scared to roam around with your imagination. If you are in the middle of kissing and you feel like lightly biting his lip or sucking on his tongue, do it. Remember, a bad kiss is a void, unfelt kiss — so as long as you are both into it, it will be a good kiss.

Kiss accordingly

Kisses are like words, if not more. Each kiss says something inaudible, so feel the mood and kiss accordingly. A passionate kiss in the middle of a sex session is definitely not the same as a kiss you give your partner when he’s going away for the weekend. Think of the kiss as all that you want to say, and say it without uttering a single word.

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