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Why biking to work might be for you

Getting to and from work is a necessity of life. But it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, bore you to tears or negatively impact the environment. For many, cycling as a primary form of transportation could be a worthwhile change. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about whether biking is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Woman biking

It saves you money

For a lot of people, the biggest reason cycling might be the perfect fit is it’s the best option financially. Driving can cost a fortune in gas money and car maintenance, transit fares can quickly add up and for many, walking simply isn’t a possibility. All you need to cycle to work on a daily basis is a sturdy bike, and you can purchase a new or used one for a very decent price. That one small investment could save you money daily for years to come.

It’s environmentally friendly

There’s no denying that driving to work daily can have a negative impact on the environment. The fumes created and the gas guzzled are anything but helpful to anyone. By committing to biking to work just once a week, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

It’s good exercise

Why sit cramped in a tiny car when you can give those legs a good workout? Biking is a fabulous form of exercise, and when you do it to get to work, you accomplish two tasks at once. It may take you longer to cycle to work than to drive there, but it could also save you time at the gym, so it balances out.

It gets you there on time

Unlike a car, where you can end up in traffic for hours on end, a bike is far more mobile. If you see that things are getting slow up ahead, it’s easy to turn down a side street and take a quick detour. This makes biking a more reliable way to get to work, as your chances of getting there on time if you leave home when you need to are far better.

It’s more doable than you think

Many people don’t like the idea of biking to work, as they feel they won’t look their best when they arrive. But if you give yourself an extra ten minutes and get to work earlier, you can take that time to change into your work clothes, straighten up your hair and let the flush in your cheeks go down.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

For many, biking all the way to work isn’t physically manageable. If you live an hour’s drive from your office, no one can blame you for not cycling to get there. But this doesn’t mean you have to rule out biking altogether. You can still make use of a bike for a quick trip to a friend’s or to run a couple of errands. Even if it can’t be your primary form of transportation, biking occasionally can still save you money and reduce your negative impact on the environment. So don’t be afraid to make the change and find yourself a bicycle!

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