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Why “me time” is important

Amid the bustle of daily life, it’s hard to find time to unwind, relax and enjoy being alone. Whether you’re single or married, obligations to everyone else except yourself get the best of your attention and time. However, alone time is more important than you think. Below are different forms that “me time” could take and the many benefits to your health and well-being that alone time brings.

Woman reading and relaxing

Time to de-stress

Feeling anxious or pressured increases your stress levels, which is never good for your health. Taking that time out to breathe and calm down, whether it’s through meditation or relaxing with a book, allows you to gain a new perspective on any situations that are weighing on you. Giving yourself that time to relax decreases your stress levels and enables you to look at new and effective ways to find a solution to a problem, whether it’s a job or family issue. Making alone time part of your routine will enable you to learn how to calmly and effectively deal with tense situations.

Time to re-evaluate goals and priorities

Have you always wanted to do something for yourself, like write a book or take a fitness class to get in shape? Spending some time alone allows you to evaluate your schedule and priorities and to reflect on what you’ve been paying your attention and time to. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, then setting that time to be alone to do it will re-focus your priorities and enable you to make your personal goals one of your top priorities again.

Time to make independent decisions

When you have time to yourself, you’re able to reflect on your decisions without others influencing your actions. Making time for self-reflection empowers you to feel more independent, more trusting of your instincts and more in control of your life.

Time to re-ignite a zest for life

Sometimes when you are so busy with your routine, you eventually feel like you’re just going through the motions and not really taking in or enjoying what you’re doing. This usually brings on that “blah” or apathetic feeling and boredom with life. To get that spark for life again, spend some time alone to think about new projects or experiences you would like to have to get out of the routine of everyday life once in a while. Whether it’s taking an art or yoga class, going to the gym or buying tickets to an event you’ve always wanted to attend, treating yourself to a new experience will give you a change of pace and prevent boredom with your daily activities.

Whatever you decide to do with your “me time,” keeping your family or partner happy begins with you being happy with yourself. For this reason, taking a time out to be alone and do things that you want to do is not selfish at all, but the complete opposite!

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