6 Tips for kissable lips

Kissing soft, supple lips is a lot more fun than kissing dried, cracked ones. Don’t let your lips’ current state derail your love life! Get back on track and give your man something to look forward to by using these six tips to achieve soft, kissable lips.

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Protect them from damage

You know you need to wear sunscreen on your face to ward off skin damage, but are you treating your lips with equal care? The skin on your lips is especially sensitive, so without daily sun protection, you may experience burning, cracking and discolouration. Keep a lip balm with SPF protection on you at all times, and apply it before you head outdoors. While there are lots of options on the market, we love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick with SPF 30.

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Exfoliate regularly

To get the softest, most kissable lips, you have to slough off old, dead skin cells that will make your lips feel rough. Don’t slather your body exfoliator on your lips, though! Pick up a lip scrub designed specifically for your pucker, and use it a few times each week. Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub in peppermint is especially refreshing for days when you know you’ll be puckering up.

Looking for an even lower maintenance exfoliation tool? Try brushing your lips lightly with your toothbrush at night before you head to bed.

Hydrate daily

Maintaining the moisture in your lips is critical to enjoying a smooth, soft lip-lock. It’s not just the moisture on the outside that matters — make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in order to keep your lips plump and perky. When you’re dehydrated, your lips are more likely to look deflated and wrinkled, especially if you have age lines showing around your mouth.

Once you’re internally hydrated, look to external moisture sources to keep your lips supple. Cremes, butters, glosses and lipsticks that are infused with natural oils and antioxidant vitamins and minerals are an absolute must. Champney’s Skin Comforting Miracle Balm is a perfect option because, in addition to natural emollients like beeswax and sweet almond oil that will help lock moisture into your lips, it also features geranium, lavender and chamomile essential oils to help soothe and calm the lips.

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Prime them for action

Before you saturate your lips in colour, give them a once-over with a lip primer. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but if you want your lip colour to glide on perfectly and stay in place until you’re ready for some kissing action, a primer is an absolute must. Lip primers smooth the canvas and allow even colour application while also extending the colour’s wear. To keep your lips looking flirtatiously sexy until the point of no return, we love Pure Romance’s Lip Lingerie lip primer.

Choose stains, not sticks

As hot as your fire-engine-red lipstick looks, it may actually prevent your man from going in for the kiss. Think about it — what guy wants tell-tale lipstick stains all over his mouth, neck and shirt? To get just-bitten colour without the risk of scaring away your suitor, opt for lip stains instead. Sure, you know that they’ll rub off just like lipstick, but there’s something about the subtler colour that looks inviting for action. Look for long-lasting stains in the same shade as your favorite lip stick, preferably with a matte finish. We love Pixi’s Lip Blush in No. 4 Love — the colour is reminiscent of popsicle-stained lips.

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Shine and smile!

After all these steps, your lips are almost ready for action! All you need to add is a glossy, wet sheen and a smile! To perfect the look, pick up Skinn Cosmetics’ Sheer Effects Smile Gloss in sunny daze. The gloss is specifically formulated to make your teeth appear whiter, while adding a neutral, rosy pink to the lips. No man can resist soft, rosy, wet-looking lips, so, with a come-hither smile, you’ll be smooching in seconds.

Quick Tip

Look for clear glosses with a hint of flavor to really get your honey’s juices going!

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