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Ideas for celebrating your anniversary

Whether or not you’re a romantic, your anniversary is a time you want to enjoy and cherish with your partner, doing something special together in honour of your relationship. Here are some ideas for celebrating your special day with him.

Couple having anniversary dinner

Take a trip down Memory Lane

Anniversaries commemorate the essence of your relationship and your happy times together. The most important thing is for you both to feel loved and remember the year/years that passed you by while you were dating. Repeating your first date can be an amazing trip down memory lane, allowing you both to reminisce and remember your relationship from the very first day onwards.

Visit Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a charming, romantic place, full of fun things to do. Whether you chose to spend the night or not, there is so much for you to do together with a perfect balance between romantic, cuddling time and fun activities. On the one hand, you have the park and the falls where you can go on a romantic walk and cuddle under a tree. On the other hand, there are arcades, museums, simulators, haunted houses, a ferry and more down Clifton Hill Street. There are tons of restaurants and it is always full of people, making it perfect to spend a full day/weekend together.

Hotel day use

Guys might not be into spas and retreats, but everybody loves swimming pools and hot tubs. If you cannot take a few days and cannot necessarily go away together, a day use at a hotel nearby can give you the same feel. You can lounge around the pool, go for a massage or immerse yourself in the sauna; you can relax together in a vacation like feel without having to go too far. You can end the day with watching movies in bed or you can dress up and go to your favorite restaurant. After all, you are still close to home!

Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner

Staying in doesn’t necessarily mean a boring or low key anniversary. It can be very intimate and very romantic. Light up some candles and play your favorite songs and enjoy a home cooked meal together. You can go through all your pictures together, watch a movie you both love or go to your favorite dessert spot afterwards. The most important thing is to have a relaxed, fun, romantic time together.

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