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When to pull the plug on your relationship

We often hold on to things for far longer than we actually should. Yes, it is important to fight for your relationship and do all you can to keep the boat afloat. But when efforts and the desire to make it work are only coming from you, then you just have to let go.

Unhappy couple

Emotional attachment can make it very hard to let go, but sometimes your man just doesn’t deserve you, and your hanging on and trying harder will not make your relationship work any better. Sometimes you just ought to pull the plug on your relationship.

He runs away after every fight

We all need a little space when we’re angry, frustrated and hurt after a fight. Guys sometimes need more space than girls do, and their first reaction might be to run and hide. But if he always disappears afterwards — to the extent that you literally have to pull him back in by the shirt — and then gives you the silent treatment, something isn’t right. Relationships are not all fun and laughter; if a guy can’t stick around during the bad times, then he doesn’t deserve the good times. You might have the energy to keep pulling him back and fixing things between the two of you now, but your energy won’t last forever and will eventually run out.

He keeps you a secret from his friends and family

At the very beginning of a relationship, it’s OK to keep things low-key and not announce that the two of you are a couple. But after you’ve established that you’re in an exclusive relationship, there is no need to hide it. Neither of you has to advertise it, but going out of your way to hide it is just not right, as it seems a little suspicious. If your man doesn’t want to introduce you to any of his family or friends after the two of you have been dating for some time, something is definitely up! You need to talk to him about it and let him know you need this to change. If he refuses, it’s time to move on to something better.

He constantly lies or makes excuses

Often we make excuses for the ones we love, even when we know deep inside that some things just don’t add up and that they’ve lied to us. We might be afraid to face reality or might not be ready to let go. But if your man is always coming up with excuses and you constantly find yourself having to make excuses for him, it’s time to take a stand and take care of yourself — by yourself. If you don’t give yourself the respect you deserve, you will not get it from him.

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