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How to make your man more romantic

Romance is something we all fantasize about. Movie after movie, we are shown images of what a romantic relationship should look like and how romantic men ought to behave. A lot of us wish the man in our life was more romantic. If you’re not getting the romantic gestures you crave, here’s how you can bring out the romantic side in your man.

Happy couple

Set the mood

Most men are sensitive and romantic at heart, but they’ve been socialized to hide that side under layers of machismo. His allowing that side of him to shine through comes with comfort and closeness, but the right mood will trigger his romantic instincts much more readily and naturally. You don’t need a candlelight dinner every night to bring out the romance in your man, although getting home before he does to light some candles and waiting for him in his favourite dress will work like a charm. But you don’t always need to go that far or be that extravagant. Simply tell him how much he means to you or how much you miss him, or send him an unexpected “I love you” message during the day. This will make him feel comfortable and pave the way for his sensitive, romantic side to come out of hiding.

Show appreciation

All men love to feel needed, and nothing makes them happier than knowing they can make you happy. When he buys you flowers, picks you up unexpectedly from work or hugs you tightly when you’re stessed, show him how much you appreciate it. Let him know how much you love it when he tells you he loves you when you least expect it. Or when he spontaneously takes you out on a date, tell him how happy he makes you when he does such romantic things. Knowing that romantic gestures make you happy will encourage him to do it again and again.

Give him space

Contrary to our instincts, asking for romantic gestures will not make your man behave romantically. Letting him be romantic in his own time, however, will! You don’t need to stop talking to him for a day or two or to be or do anything different. Rather, give him that night out with his guy friends and those few hours to watch TV right after work. Things like this leave him feeling refreshed, and he will want to thank you for being understanding. If you give him enough space, his “romance” neurons will fire on their own.

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