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The pros and cons of getting a tattoo

Choosing whether to get a tattoo is a big decision. Many people feel very strongly about them, and that can make it hard to get a true sense of your feelings on the topic. Here, we break down the pros and cons of getting a tattoo so you can make the right decision for you.

Woman with tattoos

Pro: There’s an emotional component to it

For those who have gone through a loss or a particularly challenging life experience, getting a tattoo can be just the statement that is needed. Being able to feel as though you are carrying that lost loved one with you wherever you go or having a constant reminder of that obstacle you overcame can be incredibly powerful.

Con: It can be a visual barrier to some

There are many jobs and careers where tattoos are not allowed. Some people do have an instinctual negative response to them, which could take you out of the running for certain forms of employment.

Pro: The location is up to you

Fortunately, however, where you decide to get your tattoo is completely your decision. If a certain career success is equally important to you as getting a tattoo, you can choose to have it placed somewhere where it will never be an issue for potential employers. This way it is truly something just for you and that has no bearing on your interactions with others.

Con: It can be dangerous

Our skin is our barrier of defence against outside dangers, and any time we break that barrier, we put ourselves at risk. No matter how much you trust the establishment in which you get your tattoo, there is no way of guaranteeing that the needle being used is completely clean, and that can lead to several dangerous blood viruses, such as hepatitis B or C and HIV. Additionally, there is no way of guaranteeing you won’t experience side effects afterwards, such as bleeding, bruising, peeling or infection. Women should also take note that getting a tattoo on your lower back may make you unable to get an epidural during childbirth.

Pro: It can be a form of self-expression

Many people view tattoos simply as another way to express their artistic natures. To them, placing a piece of artwork on their skin can seem more natural than the skin they were born with.

Con: There’s potential for it to become a pricey regret

You may be certain an image or word is something you will feel equally passionate about in years to come, but there is no guarantee. Tattoo removal is an option, but it is an expensive procedure, so it is important that you are ready for such an endeavour if the time comes.

Thinking it through

As with any life decision, choosing whether or not to get a tattoo is not something that can be forced on you. All you can do is weigh the pros and cons and come to a decision you are happy with on your own.

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