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4 Ways to not gain weight when on vacation

It happens to just about all of us: We eat pretty sensibly when at home, but when we go away on vacation, it’s as though we’ve convinced ourselves that these calories don’t count. And then we get home and all of our wardrobe is fitting a bit tighter.

Women eating on vacation

Want to hold onto your figure and not blow your diet when away from home? Here are four ways to stay slim.

Get moving while on vacation

When planning your time away, include outings and activities that get your heart rate going. Plan for physical excursions, such as hiking, swimming or canoeing. If you’re staying at a hotel, schedule workouts at the gym and put them in your itinerary so you’re less likely to back out of exercising. Remember, too, that sightseeing can include moderate activity — if you’re in the Big Apple or some other great walking city, skip the cab or subway and stroll to your destinations instead. Just try not to stop at every tempting cafe for a snack.

Eat sensibly when dining out

Many of us on a diet throw caution to the winds when we’re away from home. Don’t let all of your hard work at shedding pounds go to waste. But don’t deprive yourself, either. Enjoying the incredible local food is part of a great vacation, but make an effort to opt for some of the less caloric and fatty options on the menu. Consider even splitting entrees (which can often be on the large side) with your vacation partner; or, if you have a fridge and microwave to use in your accommodations, take home leftovers in a doggie bag, and you’ll not only have breakfast handy, you’ll also save some money. If you must have dessert, share it with your travel mates so you get a taste of it without devouring an entire one yourself. If you want to have a drink, have one, savour it, then switch to water.

Keep a food diary

So that you’re more mindful of what you’re consuming, take a few minutes each day to jot down what you’ve eaten, or monitor both your physical output and what you’re eating with an app such as My Fitness Pal. This way you’re well aware of the progress you’re making on the trip and can adjust your habits as your holiday continues.

Prepare healthy snacks

Keep your metabolism humming along smoothly — and possibly eat less at restaurants — by keeping a few healthy snacks on you at all times. When you reach your destination, find the local grocery store to stock up on snack supplies and you’ll be all set for the rest of your stay.

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