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7 First-date don’ts for women

Nervous about a first date? Don’t be; just avoid making these crucial date mistakes, and you’ll be fine.

First date

Don’t talk about your ex

Talking about your ex on a first date is a lose-lose situation. If you say negative things about him, you’ll appear bitter and resentful; whereas if you say good things about him, it will seem like you’re still not over him. Even if your date brings up the topic of past relationships, this is one conversation you want to avoid at all costs.

Don’t look like a cyberstalker

Chances are you’ve Googled him or creeped his Facebook ahead of time. But don’t let him know that! Bringing up mutual friends or things he’s mentioned in a status update will make you seem a bit too eager. However, if you notice posts about a popular cause, a viral YouTube video or a current event, these can make good talking points… as long as your opener isn’t, “I saw on your Facebook… “

Don’t get wasted

Many a new romance have been halted mid-step by one party getting too drunk. Even a guy who’s really into a girl will be turned off by having to pull the car over so she can puke on the side of the road. Avoid all this awkwardness by pacing yourself and drinking lots of water.

Don’t dress too provocatively

Stilettos, a pleather micro-mini and a very low-cut top is totally first-date attire — if you’re a call girl. Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in, and while you don’t want to show too much skin, a little bit to get his imagination going is alright. It’s also a good idea to refrain from wearing sky-high heels, even if they’re your favourites. Flats mean you’re easy-going and up for a last-minute change in plans.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

If you had a good time, let him know. If you would like to see him again, tell him that. Because, let’s be honest: guys can be a bit dense when it comes to understanding women and he may not be picking up those subtle “I like you hints” you think are so obvious. Sure, you might be disappointed if he doesn’t reciprocate, but what have you got to lose? If you don’t let him know how you feel, you’ll never know if it could have turned into something more.

Don’t brag

While it’s important to be confident, nobody likes a girl who’s too into herself; so, avoid going on about how much you make, how important your job is or how attractive you are to men. Don’t be self-deprecating, by any means, but be humble and give him a chance to find out how fabulous you are for himself.

Don’t just order a salad

It may seem unfeminine to you to wolf down a big burger in front of a guy you’re into, but that’s not what he’s thinking — he’ll be impressed that you appreciate a good burger as much as he does. This isn’t to say you should try to order a big plate of meat just to impress him; rather, order what you want and stop worrying about what he’ll think. If he’s the kind of guy who would judge you for loving a good mac ‘n’ cheese, then he’s not worth your time, anyway.

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