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Mind and body balance

Mind over matter is a flowery myth we all like to believe in. To some extent, our brains are in control. Our bodies are tired and in need of sleep, but we manage to push ourselves to get up. But how far can you push your body?

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Mind and body connection

We are our own worst abusers. We abuse our bodies more than we think we do. Our minds cannot and do not exist independently of our bodies; they are more linked than we give them credit for. Our minds can sometimes alter the state of our body, and, likewise, our bodies can both negatively and positively impact our bodies. But let’s focus on the effect of our bodies on our minds for now, and realize that focusing on our physical well-being will go a long way toward improving our mental well-being. What is thinking? How is it that we “think” and “produce?” In essence, it’s all in blood flow to the brain; i.e., body wellness. So, the first step to enhancing our productivity and our peace of mind is working on our bodies.

Sleep is not just for beauty

Beauty sleep! Every woman needs her beauty sleep. And while sleep purifies our skin and is essential for survival, it is also crucial for clarity of thought. We like to pull all-nighters to finish assignments, whether for work or for school. But in reality, working when we need to rest results in a slower pace of work, which will only leaves us more tired and less productive. Try resting for a bit; take a nap, and see the difference it will have on your productivity level. Regulating your sleep cycle will truly enhance your productivity and your speed.


Exercise keeps you in shape and keeps you healthy and works as a preventative against diseases. But what you might not be aware of is that exercise helps blood circulation, which in turn pumps more blood to your brain, making you more creative and more productive. Endorphins, the chemicals your body sends to your brain when you exercise, work like drugs; it’s a natural high and gives you that push to keep working. When you are stressed and can’t seem to function, give yourself an hour break and go for a jog rather than forcing yourself to stay glued to your computer.

Don’t ignore signs

Your body sends you signals when it’s not functioning well. Don’t ignore them. If you have a headache, try to treat it with a hot drink, sleep or a pain killer. If it persists, see a doctor. The more you ignore your bodily needs, the more your mind will suffer.

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