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Enjoy a night out without undoing your diet

You work hard all week at eating properly and keeping active, and for that you deserve a relaxing night out. But the last thing you want is to undo all that work with one night of partying. Treat yourself to a night on the town and still keep your diet on track, with these simple drinks and tips.

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Drink wisely

Menus are loaded with tempting drink names like “Bikini Martini” and “Berry Kiss.” But those names are as deceiving as they are appealing. If you’re in diet mode, steer clear of such beverages, as they are often loaded with sugary juices and sweet liquors. Alcohol has enough calories on its own, so the last thing you want to do is add fattening mixers on top of that. Spirits such as rum or brandy mixed with diet pop can easily get you that sweet flavour, and a shot rings in at around 65 calories or less. For a fruity flavour, dress up that shot of alcohol with a splash of soda and a touch of natural juice; or choose a glass of white, red or rose wine, which will only give you around 120 calories. There are also options if you’re a beer drinker. You can easily shave off plenty of calories by opting for a light beer, such as Coors Light, which is just 104 calories for 12 oz rather than the over 200 calories some other brands can cost you.

Stay in control

It’s natural that you want to relax and unwind on your night out. But you don’t have to get rip-roaringly drunk in order to enjoy yourself. When you binge drink, you not only pack on a lot of calories from alcohol, you also greatly decrease your inhibitions and that can make you more likely to down two Big Macs and a strawberry milkshake at two in the morning. By sticking to under three drinks — or whatever your body is comfortable with — you can still enjoy yourself without losing all control and inhaling the entire bowl of bar nuts in ten minutes flat.

Snack wisely

Drinking on an empty stomach is the worst thing you can do for your diet. It may seem like a good idea to save up your day’s calories for alcohol consumption, but don’t fall into this trap. Alcohol is made up entirely of sugars that provide your body with virtually no food value. So drinking on an empty stomach leaves your stomach feeling hungry and confused. Before heading out for your evening, grab a snack that is high in protein, so your body has something to break down along with your night’s beverages. A hunk of cheese or handful of nuts will do the trick. It might seem like a waste, but satisfying your hunger early in the night could save you from bingeing on hundreds of calories later in the evening.

You work too hard all week to not enjoy a night out every once in a while. And with these tips you can enjoy your evening guilt-free, knowing that your diet is still on the road to success!

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