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Ways to feel more beautiful on a first date

First dates are never easy. You may feel nervous, uncomfortable, awkward and out of sorts. But if you allow yourself to embrace your confidence and beauty, you can quickly turn that uneasiness into radiating positivity. Increase your self-confidence with these simple tips for feeling beautiful inside and out.

Couple on a date

Accentuate your favourite feature

No matter how self-conscious you may feel about your body, everyone has a part of themselves they love the most. Maybe it’s your toned calves, or perhaps it’s your narrow waist. It could even be your booty-licious rear or your long eyelashes. Everyone is beautiful and every single one of us has a feature that makes us shine with confidence. If you love the shape of your cheekbones — bronze those babies up. If you like your long and lean neck, try on some shiny dangling earings so you can show it off. Just remember, it’s all about you. Accentuating the feature you like the most is all about feeling good about yourself so your confidence can radiate from the inside out.

Wear something new

New belongings have a magical mystique to them. No one else sees it but you can feel it. A purse you bought yesterday might not technically be nicer than the one you invested in a month ago, but it has a newborn glow to it. This doesn’t mean you have to go into credit-card debt every time you step out for a first date. Your purchase can be a small one, such as an inexpensive pair of earrings or a new lipstick. Just putting on something that you’ve never worn before can give you an unexpected boost of confidence.

Change up your makeup

Adding something new to your makeup routine can allow you to see yourself in a completely different light. A darker shade of lip gloss can make you feel completely va-va-voom, while a wingtip on your eye line can leave you with a super-posh sense. You don’t have to go wildly outside your comort zone — the smallest alteration can take your confidence to a whole new level.


It may sound silly and basic, but it’s true — sometimes a smile is all you need to feel radiant inside and out. According to Livestrong, a study done by the British Dental Health Foundation indicated that smiling can have a huge effect on improving one’s mood. The simple act of bringing yourself to smile can lift your spirits dramatically. So, when you feel your nerves start to get the best of you, just let yourself grin and you just might feel instantly lighter.

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