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7 Signs he may be cheating

Has he suddenly taken to working late most nights of the week? It could just be a busy time at work — or it could be more. If you suspect he’s stepping out, look for these signs… after you check his collar for lipstick.

Woman watching husband on phone

He suddenly spends more time getting ready than you

A few months ago, he didn’t even bother ironing his shirt or combing his locks before going into the office. Nowadays, his crisp suit is impeccable and nary a hair is out of place. If he suddenly adopts rigorous grooming routines, you should be wary. Who’s he dressing up for?

He’s less intimate with you

Is your sex life dwindling? Is he less affectionate than usual? It’s normal for things to cool down once a new, lusty relationship transitions to a stable and committed one, but it could also be a sign that he’s finding affection elsewhere. Guys only have so much romantic and sexual energy for wooing the ladies, so if his wooing is waning, it might be cause for concern.

He’s suddenly very protective of his cell phone

Does he jump every time the phone rings? Does his iPhone suddenly have a passcode when it never did before? If he’s afraid of you seeing what’s behind his lock screen, especially if it’s a new phenomenon, you should be worried. We’re not advocating that you hack into his phone and snoop his text messages or anything, but you may want to ask him what all the secrecy is about.

He’s always on Facebook

If he’s constantly friending ladies, look out. Facebook is an easy way for cheaters to cheat — in fact, it’s a key factor in 20 per cent of divorces these days. Keep an eye on his profile; all those busty women in his friends list he claims are his cousins may be much more than that.

You catch him in other lies

He said he was at the gym, but your friend just saw him at the mall. Going on a shopping spree is no biggie, but the real question is, why did he tell you he was going to gym in the first place? Cheaters often create a large web of lies, so even if you catch him in a small one, be wary — tiny fibs can be an indicator of a much bigger fabrication.

You feel disconnected

Relationship connectedness ebbs and flows over the long term, so if you suddenly find yourself feeling kind of alone, it might be normal. However, it might not be. If you feel like he’s the one pulling away, and if you’ve noticed he’s more moody or defensive than usual, it’s time to have a talk.

Your intuition tells you something’s wrong

Sometimes everything can seem perfectly normal, but you can’t shake the feeling in your gut that something is definitely off. Even if there are zero signs, give your intuition the benefit of the doubt — it’s rarely wrong when it comes to serious matters like this.

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