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Dealing with a long-distance vacation

Distance can strain, even break, a relationship. Being apart from the ones we love can make it easier for jealousy and insecurity to take over. Things pile up, and, if they’re not resolved, can lead to negative consequences. So, here are a few things you can do when you and your bf are not in the same city or country, to make sure that distance does not get in the way.

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Schedule time for phone calls

We have to be thankful for technological advances. Not just email or Facebook, but BBM, Whatsapp and Skype! There are many ways to keep in touch. But one important thing to do is to make sure that you have time to talk to one another via phone or Skype. We often forget this, but we are highly responsive to voice tones. Hearing that soft, tender tone in your bf’s voice will reassure you that everything is just the same.

Keep busy

No one wants to feel like a pathetic loser with nothing to do. Pick up a project you never had time to work on and get going. Whether it’s a book you wanted to finish, a yoga class you wanted to join, or a home remodelling task, being productive will uplift your spirits and give you something to talk about. It will also show you that even when you’re busy, you can still be thinking about those whom you love.

Don’t bottle up

It’s very tricky to talk about how we feel when we can’t see the person right in front of us. And sometimes we don’t want to, because we feel like distance will only complicate it. Keeping it inside, however, will only make it worse. The key to long-distance relating is to open up all the time. Even if it escalates and even if you fight, it will save you from growing apart. So, talk, talk and talk!

Share pictures

Sharing pictures will make you feel like you are spending time with him. Show him your outfit, get him to see you all dressed up like you do when you are about to meet him. Let him send you pictures of his hangouts and picture yourself with him. It will make you both feel involved and will keep that chemistry going!

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