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Treat yourself to a solo date night

Think you need a man to enjoy a date night? Think again. Treating yourself to a night on the town designed just for you can be even more relaxing and enjoyable than a couple’s date night. Celebrate being you with this simple guide to your perfect solo night out.

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Dress exactly how you want

This is your night. You have no one to impress but yourself. If that means strutting around in a slinky dress and heels and feeling totally va-va-voom — do it! If you want to take this opportunity to go out in sweats and just relax and feel completely comfortable — that’s great too. Whatever makes you feel like “you,” in all your glory, is all the attire you’ll need.

Do something you’ve always wanted to do

Have you been dying to see a new exhibition at your local museum? Or want to see a movie that no one else seems interested in? A solo date night is just the excuse you need to treat yourself to that experience. When you go to a gallery with someone else, it can be hard to see everything you’re interested in since you have to divide your time there so you can each see the things you want to. But when you go by yourself, you can linger at those displays that really captivate you and breeze on past those that don’t. And when it comes to movies, you don’t have to worry about whether the other person is enjoying themselves as much as you are. You can just relax and let yourself be fully engrossed in the film — worry-free. So, get yourself that bag of popcorn and extra-large drink and don’t worry for a second about having to share!

Dine and enjoy

For an average dinner on your own, you probably whip up something fast or order in a cheap, mediocre meal for one. On your solo date night, treat yourself to an exquisite dinner out. Grab a good book and plop yourself down at your favourite restaurant. There’s no need to feel embarrassed — lots of people choose to relax and enjoy their own company in a restaurant setting. Order that dish you’ve been meaning to try; read, and enjoy. Or, if you’re not much of a reader, seize the opportunity to people-watch or really enjoy your food distraction-free. Dining on your own means you don’t have to worry about ordering the right thing to impress your dinner partner. If you want that second piece of cheesecake, order it. Because tonight is all about you!

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