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Living life despite bladder weakness

Bladder weakness is something that should be assessed by you and your doctor. It can be caused by certain diseases, or simply by the gradual weakening of pelvic floor muscles. Once you identify what’s causing your “dribbling,” it’s time to carry on with life as usual. Here are a few ways to make sure bladder weakness doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day life.

woman with weak bladder

Find your weakness

Find out what triggers your bladder weakness. For instance, if you experience leakage while you’re in the middle of a move, odds are that heavy lifting is one of your triggers. If you experience leakage while speed walking on the treadmill, vigorous exercise might be causing your problems. There are lots of factors that can cause you to spring a leak, so analyze your lifestyle to identify foods, activities or other events that may be contributing to your problem.

Take preventative measures

Once you know what triggers are affecting your bladder issues, you can take steps to prevent them. If you know you’re heading to the gym, save yourself some embarrassment by wearing a simple panty liner that can catch what your panties cannot. You might consider certain medical solutions, as well. A pessary is a device that can be inserted into the vagina to help strengthen bladder muscles. It can be inserted for high-stress activities like exercise and taken out for sex, swimming, or any other activity where you see fit. Some medications and even over-the-counter solutions can be taken. Talk to your doctor about your options.

Don’t limit your liquid intake

As long as there is a bathroom around, don’t limit your liquid intake, even if you think bladder control might be an issue. Liquids, especially water, flush out your urinary tract, preventing urinary tract infections and other bacterial infections that can cause bladder irritation and even more leakage and pain. Plus, drinking water is a healthy lifestyle must! It’s great for your skin and helps give you energy. Don’t forfeit the benefits of water simply because of a weak bladder.

You are what you eat

A good diet can be the cure to many ailments, and bladder weakness is no exception. Eating high fiber foods can help ensure your digestive tract moves things along the way it’s supposed to, taking the pressure off your bladder and limiting the likelihood of a bladder control accident. Bladder control issues can also be linked to unhealthy weight. Eating healthy will help prevent the weight gain that could make or break your bladder health. And don’t forget that foods like cranberries can regulate your urinary tract, washing out bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections.

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