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Dealing with “I love you”

“I love you” is a beautiful phrase that often comes with a lot of tension. You might not feel the same way, or he might not — you never know when is the right time. He doesn’t say it enough; he didn’t react the way you wanted him to; you don’t have the guts to say it. These are the three words, never as easy as uttering any other three words. Rest assured, you are not the only one dealing with “I love you” issues.

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“I love you” comes with a lot of expectation and nervousness. But, there are some ways to ease that tension a bit.

Too fast and too soon

You can be into a guy that you have been dating for two months and you think everything is going at the pace you want, till he unexpectedly drops the “I love you” bomb. You like him, but you’re not sure about love. Don’t say it back just because you feel like you are obligated to, but don’t freak out and run away either. If you think you two share something special, tell him how you honestly feel. Let him know that you like what you have, but don’t want to say something till you are a hundred per cent sure of your feelings. Assure him that you like him and want things to keep going as they are.

Didn’t hear it back

You said “I love you” and he didn’t say anything back. Before you start freaking out, think about the way he acts and the way he treats you. “I love you” is not always easy to say, as it comes with commitment and responsibility, at least to guys. If you are happy with him and his actions say he loves you, give it some time and he will say it back when you least expect it.

Not said enough

You both said “I love you” four years ago and now you just don’t hear it enough. You are happy together, but you miss hearing it. Guys are not always wired the same way we are and to them, it’s like, why tell you something that you already know? He might say it when he’s in a romantic mood, and some guys, naturally, are more romantic and sensitive than others. So, if you can’t wait, talk to him and voice your needs, otherwise he will never know. Try saying it out of the blue yourself and mention how sometimes you just miss hearing the words.

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