What not to wear on a first date

It’s okay to stare at your reflection for hours when getting ready for a first date. Put on clothes, take off clothes; hair up, hair down. The possibilities are endless and alternatives are always tempting. Technically speaking, you can wear anything, depending on where you’re going. Some stuff, however, you should seriously not wear.

Couple on a first date

Don’t overdo it: extra-fancy attire

As women, nothing excites us like dressing up! It boosts our confidence, and God knows how much we need to pile up on that before a first date. Do dress and doll yourself up; but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re too much to handle. Also, the man might feel like his date idea does not measure up to yours. So, look good and feel good; but if you’re wearing pumps and a fancy dress, for example, ease up on the hair and makeup, and vice versa.

Don’t show too much: skanky clothes

If you’re showing cleavage, no need for a mini skirt; if you’re wearing a really short and low jumpsuit, go for flats. Don’t look like you popped off of a Playboy cover. If you come across as too sexually invitational, the guy won’t be able to focus on what you’re saying or what he really wants to say, because his hands will be all over you in his head. Yes, you want to spark his interest and yes, you want his fantasies to get going, but make sure it’s a balance so you can see how compatible the two of you truly are.

Don’t wear sweat pants, period!

Sweat pants are out for first dates, even if you’re going on a hike. (That’s what cool outdoor gear is for!) Comfort is key and yes, you have to be yourself. But you want to make your first date special, especially if you end up looking back at it together. Keep in mind that first impressions play a huge role on first dates — you want his to be, “She’s really made an effort for me.”

Don’t wear uncomfortable underwear

So, no sweat pants… but don’t torture yourself, either. If you want to squeeze your toes in a pair of really sexy wedges and you know you can soldier it up, then do it. But uncomfortable underwear is never a good idea. Save that scratchy lace G-string with bows for later, so you can concentrate on what you’re saying, not on your wedgie.

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